Jeff answers your questions regarding durability and stain resistance.

We get a lot of questions about the durability and stain resistance of concrete countertops. This will help answer some of your questions.

Will concrete countertops stain?

Bare concrete is very porous and will readily stain. Virtually all concrete kitchen countertops are sealed to prevent staining; however the degree to which these sealers works varies significantly. Commonly used sealers include wax and penetrating acrylic sealer. Both of these are inexpensive and easy to apply. However, neither offer significant stain or heat resistance, and both require frequent reapplication to prevent the formation of a “patina”. The sealers we use are different. We use a high-performance sealer that is exceptionally durable and provides excellent resistance to incidental contact with staining agents such as red wine, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Touch-up of any marks that do occur is simple and easy and complete care instructions are included in your Owner’s Guide.

Will Concrete Countertops scratch?

While the sealer is durable, it can scratch if cut with a knife or subjected to heavy, sharp objects dragged across the surface. Cutting on the concrete may compromise the integrity of the sealer and allow stains to permeate the concrete matrix. Cutting on the concrete will also ruin knives, requiring a professional sharpening to reshape the damaged edge. Remember, concrete is made with stone, the same thing used to sharpen knives (and will therefore dull them just as easily).

If you do scratch a countertop, you can easily repair it yourself using your Scratch Repair Guide.

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